Searching for Support in your Life


Life Coach

Are you looking for help to get more balance, motivation and fun into your life? I’d like to help you get on the right path.

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Personal Organizer

Do you need help organize domestically and/or creating order back into your home? As a Personal Organizing Coach, I can give you advice and support.

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Expat Coach

Settling in a new country is not always easy. As an experienced Expat Coach, I can help you settle in the Netherlands and build a new home.

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Breaking Habits

We all sometimes face difficult choices in life, where we do not know how to get from point A to point B. I can help you change your habits in life for the better. As an objective person, I am able to help you see things clearly that you might not have been able to until this point.

With my help, you will be able to become more aware of your habits and learn to break them, so that you can reach your end goal. Together, we can look at what you find most important in life and what you would like to achieve. I can help you make difficult decisions so that in the future it will become easier throughout the process.

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Good Overview, Space and Peace

Are you looking for support in your life? Then you’re at the right place! My name is Sandra Vukkink-Bos and I’m a life support coach. I would like to help you with questions related to personal organization or settling in the Netherlands.

I’m the type of coach that will work together with you to create overview, space and eventually peace of mind for you. To get up with enthusiasm every morning and to be excited to start another day. My working method is very practical: what do you need? Together, we’ll figure out what you need and how to get there using a method that works for you.

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What clients say

"I have had multiple counselling sessions with Sandra. She was still in training at that time but this was no problem for me. The first time I came to her, I felt a warm welcome and quickly felt at ease. I think Sandra is a nice, calm person who listens well and asks the right questions. She gives you time and space to answer, and this allows me to think in a calm way. I also enjoyed doing the homework she gave me so that we could work on that in our next session. Taking the time to reflect on what is happening in my life has really helped me. Thank you, Sandra and good luck with everything!"


"Together we figured out what I needed to change in my life. With clear instructions, the right questions and practical methods, I quickly got to learn the core of my problem. Sandra coaches with a lot of intellect and intuitive power, but at the same time approaches things in a calm matter. She creates space for you to see things clearly and to look more towards your future."


"I was struggling with some matters in my life until someone suggested that I should talk to a coach about it. I had always downplayed the meaning of a ‘coach,’ until I got the opportunity to do a trial session with Sandra. What I liked is that the coach doesn’t know you, so you can say how you feel without getting bad judgement from them. Our sessions helped me understand the bottlenecks in my life and how to deal with them. A big advantage is that you essentially get a mirror held in front of you, so you’re face to face with your emotions and thoughts.
You can reflect on your situation and see how you can overcome your obstacles. After our sessions, I started to approach my obstacles differently, which resulted in me enjoying my work again. I’d like to thank Sandra deeply for giving me this opportunity to reflect on my life and help me throughout the process. I wish her all the best for her future."


My way of work is very practical: what do you need?

Together we’ll figure this out and work on a sustainable method that helps you reach your goal.

An approach that works for you!

Advantages in a row

  • Lets work Together
  • Creates Awareness
  • Provides Insights
  • Breaks Patterns
  • Provides Overview
  • Lasting Solutions
  • Online or in practice
An approach that works