Make a Fresh Start

Expat Support

Moving abroad requires resilience

I can guide you to making a fresh start

Recognize any of these?

There are a lot of things to consider when moving abroad

If you go with your partner and children, everyone can have different ideas and needs

How do I make informed choices on behalf of myself and others?

Due to moving, some relationships can experience pressure, and psychological or emotional challenges may arise

At the same time, this moment in your life can offer opportunities to grow in a new environment

Experiencing loss of identity, feeling useless in your life or unhappiness

Incomprehension of friends and family in your home country

expat adjust to netherlands

Meaningfulness & Happiness

When you move abroad, you have to rebuild everything. A new career, a new balance and giving new meaning to your (new) life. What exactly do you want to achieve while living abroad? It can be tough to start a new life in another country. Many different (negative) emotions can arise during each phase of the move. As a result of the move, expats may also get psychological complaints. I can help you create a more meaningful and happier life in the Netherlands. I personally know very well how beautiful but also how difficult and overwhelming moving abroad can be. Especially the first time, you can get overloaded with all the things you need to arrange. Not only can I make the process easier for you, but I can also take away a lot of your stress.

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A New Beginning

During each phase of the move, you can experience a roller coaster of emotions. In difficult times it can be nice to talk to someone who understands the situation you are going through, and who also has experienced it themselves.

I can assist and support you with a short-term or long-term/permanent move abroad. We will start with a first consult in my office. In order to give you the right advice, we first have to discover what challenges you are facing and what you wish to gain from our sessions.

There are multiple experiences you gain from moving abroad, but one of the many things you can encounter is gaining more self-confidence, learning to think outside of the box, and approach the challenging tasks that you may face.

Moving to another country is a process where you can grow and learn to tackle things yourself.

I personally believe this growth is necessary to be able to settle down properly.

What to Expect

  • You are able to deal with situations better, and trust yourself and your intuition
  • You are coping better with homesickness and not being able to see family and friends in your home country
  • You gain more self-confidence and take initiatives
  • You allow yourself and your family to balance a new life in the Netherlands
  • You no longer have doubts about moving, and the burden of guilt is gone
  • You know how to create time for yourself
  • I am happy to help you discover the Netherlands and/or The Hague, and learn about the Dutch culture, to make you feel at home
An approach that works!