Help with Cleaning up

Personal Organizer

Do you feel restless in your own home but unsure where to begin?

I can help you organize domestically, reorganize and make decisions

Recognize any of these?

I experience stress and want to relax more

How do I keep my children’s toys more organized?

I have no time to clean up

After my divorce, I no longer have overview and I don’t know where or how to start reorganizing

I struggle throwing away things

I experience stress in my home and in my head

I do not get enough support from my family with all the tasks

I have to organize my parents’ house after their death, and I cannot do it alone because it is too emotional

help cleaning up

Order and Space in Your Home & Mind

A tidy house creates order and harmony in your mind! Perhaps you are ashamed and do not dare to invite family or friends over anymore. Rest assured, this will end! You deserve to have a pleasant living environment, for you and your family. Stuffed cupboards, no overview, lack of space, losing something or even a cluttered mailbox. These are situations that you may have to deal with. It bothers you and you want to change it. But how? As a Personal Organizer (Clean Up Coach) I offer a solution!

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help cleaning up

Good Overview, Space and Peace

I will guide you so that you can create a tidy and well arranged house, and teach you how to apply and maintain this structure. It’s time to take back control of your environment! Speaking from my own experience, I know how nice it can be when someone looks out for you. Someone who listens to you and helps you get back on track with practical tips, so you can maintain it on your own.

I can help you create space, calmness and good overview, not just in your house but also in your head. I will give you a tailored solution that suits you and your family. Are you ready for the challenge?

We will look to see which part of the house we tackle first

We will organize which things you want to keep and what you want to toss out. You are in charge of making these decisions

All your things will be reorganized in such a way that works for you and is sustainable in the future

What to Expect

  • You receive help with cleaning up your house or your parents’ house, but also get more time and calmness back
  • The vicious circle you were in will disappear
  • You recognize your habits and can break them
  • You have time and space in your head again, that you can spend on other things
  • You experience joy again
  • You no longer have items lying around or overfilled laundry baskets
  • There is more harmony in your family again
An approach that works!